AccentOnAccess.pdf   Jack Wright's article on access to shipboard machinery spaces, Journal of the American Society of Naval Engineers, May 1953.


AnatomyBoardMemorialProgram.pdf  Program from the Board's memorial service, June 19, 1995.


AutobiographyNotes.pdf  Apparently a draft of Jack Wright’s introduction to his autobiography That Jack The House Built. But the hand-written date at the bottom of the page from which this was transcribed indicates 5/2/95. Which is totally incongruous, since the autobiography was printed and distributed in 1987.


BaltoSunArticle.pdf  Article from the Baltimore Sun about the Anatomy Board's service of June 1995.


EasterLetter.pdf  This note was written by Jack on the 50th anniversary of his father's death but was never sent to anyone. It was discovered on his PC following his death.


EchoItem.pdf  From the St. Bernadette's parish newsletter, December 1953.


GeoEmailReAnatomyBoardService.pdf  Email from George Wright to the family about the Anatomy Boards service of June 19, 1995.


JackAndKathleenWeddingAnnouncement.pdf Washington Post article about Jack and Kathleen Wright's wedding, September 15, 1942.


JackEmailReKathleen.pdf  Jack Wright's email on the approaching anniversay of Kathleen's death.


JackFuneralProgram.pdf  Program from Jack Wright's funeral, November 17, 1995.


JackFuneralReadings.pdf  Readings from Jack Wright's funeral, November 17, 1995.


JacksFavoriteQuotes.pdf  Some of Jack Wright's favorite quotes.


KathleenMemorialProgram.pdf  Program from Kathleen Wright's funeral, November 26, 1994.


KathleenObituary.pdf  Washington Post obituary for Kathleen Wright, November 15, 1994.


KathleenTestimonials.pdf  A collection, presented in no particular order, of memoirs, testimonials, and eulogies written by the Wright siblings, grandchildren, and others, either shortly before or shortly after Kathleen Wright’s death in November, 1994.


Loneliness.pdf  Jack Wright's essay on loneliness, March 25, 1995.


LuckyBagJack.pdf  Jack Wright's entry in the 24th anniversary book published by the USNA class of 1940.


Permobility.pdf  Jack Wright's article on arrangement of machinery in warships, Journal of the American Society of Naval Engineers, August 1954.


ReligiousMagArticle.pdf  Jack Wright's article, "What do church, ceremonies have to do with God, grace?"  Probably from The Tablet.


ShipmateItem1995.pdf  Jack Wright's note in the USNA class of 1940 column in Shipmate regarding class participation in Kathleen Wright's funeral service.


TheOaksToast#1.pdf  Jack Wright's toast for the sixth anniversay of The Oaks retirement community.


TheOaksToast#2.pdf Jack Wright's toast on the eighth anniversay of The Oaks retirement community.


ThrustBearings.pdf  Jack Wright's article "Longitudinal Stiffness of Marine Propulsion Thrust Bearing Foundations," Journal of the American Society of Naval Engineers, February 1959.


WarStory.pdf  Wartime history of Amsterdam, CL 101, one of Jack Wright's postings.


X-C Trip 1979.pdf  Jack Wright's write-up of the cross-country road trip he took with Kathleen Wright, May 25, 1979


F-8 Tactical Manual A


F-8 Tactical Manual B




F8 Intercept Syllabus


F8 NATOPS Supplement


Last Flight

The PDF files in this folder were produced from images scanned from a scrapbook provided by Anne Mayer.  Images were sent to a text recognition program and the resulting text was reformatted by Charlie Wrightto look as much like the original image as possible.


You may find the original image for each of these documents/pages on the Scrapbook Photos page.